Next-Gen Voltex controller
FAUCETWO integrates high performance, smooth feel and personalized design perfectly, the only goal is to let players just enjoy the Sound Voltex game.
Support all platforms of Sound Voltex game
Key combination switching, fast and convenient
Powerful knob system
Support adjusting damping and dead zone
60 corrugated metal knob
Effectively avoid mistakes caused by hand sweat
Button, microswitch, spring customize settings
Customize perfect touching feel
Gorgeous RGB lighting system
Choose your favorite light color
Magnetic suction bottom cover
Slight pull to open, easy to maintain
Supports Sound Voltex games on all platforms
Using ARM32-bit processors, the GAMO2 team has created super compatibility for FAUCETWO.Through different key combinations, you can switch to the mode you want.
Perfect vertical circular vision, from design to production process, experienced hell-level difficulty. The plastic thickness adopts 4mm limit value to ensure sufficient strength and counter weight. Easy to handle the high-speed vertical notes.
Shell thickness
Super knob system
High precision CNC knob body, no fingerprint leave surface treatment, smooth hand damping effect, accurate output, industrial design of high-strength structure.
60 corrugates shape with a burst of texture and a distinct texture; The fine CD pattern on the top of the knob brings you a pleasant visual effect;13 times of surface treatment process, resist the erosion of the knob by hand sweat.
Using a 4-axis machining center
High-precision code disc, with ultra-high-speed photoelectric sensor (the highest response time is 1μs), the real output resolution of the knob reaches 200, the output is stable on windows, the highest speed can reach 1ms, and your operation will never be missed.
Effective resolution
Maximum response speed
The GAMO2 team designed a stackable damping plate, and the radial damping design ensures a average damping effect. If you like a heavier or lighter feel, pick up your tool and enjoy the process of adjusting your own feel.
Closest to arcade effect
The double-bearing mechanical structure design raises the strength of the knob system to a new level. It can fight against your various knob techniques, and the life loss is extremely low. The structural strength of the knob has passed the high strength test for 9 months, almost no loss appeared.
High-strength bearings
Six levels for knob dead zone, convenient and fast adjustment, to avoid mistakes caused by touching the knob by mistake in the game.
Knob dead zone
Various button feel
The button with comfortable handle needs the combination of button, spring and microswitch. FAUCETWO provides various types of buttons, springs, and microswitches. Please choose a specific combination according to your favor.
Whether it is a SANWA button or a DJDAO button, each button has been deburred to minimize the possibility of key stuck. Before installed in FAUCETWO, there would be strict quality inspection.
SANWA button is the best for rhythm games
SANWA button is the best for rhythm games
The DJDAO button have the highest price/performance ratio
The DJDAO button have the highest price/performance ratio
FAUCETWO offers 2 different springs. 100 gram force and 60 gram force. The SANWA button uses 100g springs by default, which is suitable for players who need high rebound effect. DJDAO custom buttons use 60g springs by default, which is suitable for most players.
SANWA button default spring
DJDAO button default spring
As the final pressing action output, the microswitch undertakes important work. FAUCETWO provides a variety of microswitches.
Honeywell V15S05-EZ015-K01
Omron D2MV-01-1C2
Omron D2MV-01-1C3
Omron V-10-1A4
Commonly used buttons, springs, and microswitch combinations
Characteristic Button Spring BT Switch FX Switch
Low budget DJDAO button 60 g 15 g 15 g
New beginner DJDAO button 60 g 50 g 25 g
Most popular SANWA button 100 g 50 g 50 g
GAMO2 recommended SANWA button 60 g 50 g 25 g
Easy to maintain
The customized key cable has a switch on the quick connection terminal, and the microswitch can be replaced by pressing the finger without tools; The new generation of magnetic bottom cover is designed to open by pull, which is simple and convenient and only takes 2 seconds. There is no need to unscrew the bottom cover screws.
Press the switch of the quick-connect terminal by hand and pull it out.
Pull the foot pad by hand to open the bottom cover.
Brilliant lighting effect
Using 48 full-color RGB LEDs, and the lights on both sides can be adjusted by combination keys. The light will dance with your operation. All lights support HID effects. The BT button and FX button can be customized for different light colors. In the future, more lighting effects can be added through firmware upgrade.
The key combinations
The combination key needs to be pressed continuously for more than 3 seconds. When the key light flashes, the switch is successful. Adjust the color of LED light to take effect in real time.
  • eAclound mode
    Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-A
  • HID Joystick mode
    Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-B
  • HID keyboard & mouse mode
    Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-C
  • Show current mode
    Start + FX-L + FX-R
  • Reduce knob dead zone
    FN + FX-L
  • Increase knob dead zone
    FN + FX-R
  • Adjust left LED light color
    Start + BT-A + FX-L + VOL-L
  • Adjust right LED light color
    Start + BT-D + FX-R + VOL-R
  • Change the color of the left knob
    Start + BT-B + FX-L + VOL-L
  • Change the color of the right knob
    Start + BT-C + FX-R + VOL-R
  • Change the color of the top LED
    Start + BT-B + BT-C + VOL-L (or VOL-R)
  • Change the color mode of top LED
    Start + BT-B + BT-C + FX-L + FX-R
  • Turn off/on all lights
    Start + BT-A + BT-B + BT-C + BT-D
Excellent after-sales service
When buying overseas, there will be various unexpected situations. The after-sales team of GAMO2 would always be your strong backing. No matter what happens at any time, don’t worry, please feel free to contact us by email. We will do our best to assist you until the problem is resolved.

For sound voltex controller, the only goal is to let players enjoy sound voltex game.But behind the scenes, to complete a high-end controller that can meet the needs of any player, it requires the design team to achieve a perfect balance of stylish appearance, comfortable knob damping, smooth buttons, solid durability, convenient carrying, simple maintenance, comprehensive compatibility and affordable price.In order to achieve the goal, FAUCETWO confirmed the R&D project in 2017.In the following three years, the GAMO2 team purchased various Voltex controllers around the world, conducted detailed research, and continuously improved the design plan during the design process.Finally started the internal beta in 2020 and has experienced 9 months of verification. Whether you are a new player who just entered the pit or a core player who participated in the KAC competition, FAUCETWO's ease of use, durability, button performance, and knob performance , easy maintenance and appearance are very recognized.

Faucetwo combines high performance, smooth tounching feel and personalized design perfectly.Unibody shell design can withstand ultra-high-strength impact, and the 4mm thickness is amazing in the industry; The transmission speed reaches the limit of 1ms; Rapid photoelectric knob system, response speed of 1μs, accurately capture any of your operations; The knob is processed by high-precision CNC with 60 corrugates, which can effectively reduce the hand slip; Stable and adjustable knob damping, once and for all after finding the right touching feel; The dead zone of the knob can be adjusted up to 6 levels, which is convenient to find the appropriate rotation rhythm; A variety of specifications of buttons, springs, microswitch, lighting options, and you can customize the controller according to your own tounching feel; Magnetic bottom cover and the customized cable with quick switch, which can be maintained conveniently and quickly; Gorgeous lighting effects, support custom colors; In the future, more functions can be expanded through firmware upgrades.

The Voltex controller has now entered a new era.