Why use the plastic shell? Is it strong and durable?

In the early stage of FAUCETWO design, we evaluated all the ways to make the shell, metal plate + spray paint; 6063 aluminum alloy CNC processing, oxidation surface treatment; MDF or PVC sheet splicing; injection molding. In terms of ensuring the appearance, smoothness and stability, injection molding has the best effect.

Regarding strength, plastic shell has no problem. The shell is made of ABS with a thickness of 4mm. A lot of reinforced designs are added inside to ensure sufficient strength. Don't worry about playing vigorously in the game, FAUCETWO is strong enough.

On the game controller page of windows, I see a slight jitter in the output of the knob. Will it affect the game operation?

Don't worry, the amplitude of slight jitter is very small, and the probability of occurrence is very low. The SoundVoltex game itself has de-jitter processing, which will not affect the stability of use in the game.

Why use the design of encoder + photo interrupter instead of standard encoder?

Through our long-term analysis, we believe that there is no difference in performance between the two. However, the use of the encoder + photo interrupter can increase the strength of the knob structure.

Why the resolution is 200?

The official controller corresponding to eAcloud uses a resolution of 200; therefore, in order to adapt the game 1:1, we also use the same resolution. The 200 resolution is sufficient for the performance of any Sound Voltex game.

What is the effective resolution?

No matter whether the knob turns fast or slowly, make sure that the knob can output 200 changes in one circle. If the rotation speed exceeds 1ms, our algorithm also has tracking ability to ensure that one does not leak.

Why design the dead zone?

This function is designed for beginners or intermediate players. Beginners and intermediate players are not proficient in their techniques. At the moment of touching the knob, the direction of the touch may be inconsistent with the actual direction of rotation, which may cause false touches and cause disconnection. Therefore, for unskilled players, by increasing the dead zone setting, the impact of false touches can be reduced.

Can it be guaranteed that the button would not be stuck?

There are several possible reasons for button stuck. For example, lamp holder is not completely stuck in (SANWA button), the spring is not installed properly, the LED button light is not in the center, and the stains in the hands enter the gap of the button after long-time use. These problems can be solved by simple maintenance skills.

How about the quality of Honeywell microswitch?

After years of experience, for the microswitch of rhythm games, we believe that the Omron is the best and Honeywell is the second best. The advantage of honeywell is that the price is cheaper than Omron, but the disadvantage is that it is not as durable as Omron. Other brands can not pass our quality requirements. If the budget is sufficient, we recommend using Omron microswitches.

What should I do if I feel that FAUCETWO does not have enough weight and it will float when used?

In the faucetwo shell, we reserve a lot of grid space. You can increase the weight of the controller by filling in denser materials. The most convenient way is to fill in plasticine. The density of the plasticine is about 1.1. If it is fully filled, the weight can be increased by about 1.25 kg.

How to open the bottom cover?

Considering the bottom cover opening, it does not belong to a very high frequency; Considering the integrity of the bottom cover, we did not make handles for the bottom cover separately. Directly hold the foot pad by hand and pull it up to open the bottom cover.

Why use 1 USB-B and 1 USB-C interface?

If only one USB interface is used, the power consumption of the RGB LED is relatively large, and the power supply may be insufficient at the highest power consumption. Therefore, the power supply part adopts a separate design. USB-B is used to transmit data and 7 button lights, and USB-C is used to power the RGB LED separately. If you just want to play games, you don't need to connect to the USB-C interface.

Any suggestions on the sensitivity setting of Spe-tool?

After a lot of tests, we think that the sensitivity setting is about 1.41, which is the closest to the perfect effect.

Any suggestions on the sensitivity setting of K-shoot mania or USC?

The USC author recommends using around 4.0, please adjust according to your own feelings. We are still keep doing research. If we get an accurate range, we will update it on twitter and FAQ.

Is there any difference between joystick type and keyboard+mouse type?

We consulted the authors of K-shoot mania and USC. They think there is no difference between these two, but they recommend using the joystick type.

When adjusting the knob damping, if the default (3 pieces) damping is not suitable, and 2 and 4 pieces are also not suitable, what should I do?

When we designed the damper, we considered this problem. You can use scissors to cut off a little bit of the contact position between the damper and the shaft. Reduce the effect of damping and make fine adjustments. The damping plate is a slow consumable, and the price is also very cheap. For specific guidelines, please refer to here.

Learn how to adjust the damper